Everyone loves summer, but let’s face facts. With New York’s oppressive humidity and frequent heatwaves — not to mention the brutal conditions in Manhattan’s underground subway stations — staying cool is a top priority. Why not make hydration more interesting with a delicious summer-themed, non-alcoholic mocktail? Here are a few ideas! Blood Orange Basil Mocktail Make room for…
  Moving – ugh. Who wants to deal with the hassle or the expense? Katz Moving can take the sting out of your next move, whether it’s across town or throughout the east coast. Plus, with our 2016 moving promo code MNYKATZPACK, you can save 10 percent off packing services plus gain access to the company that makes customer…
    New York City might be north of the Mason-Dixon Line, but as any Gothamite can tell you, the summers are plenty hot and humid. Escaping town on a hot summer weekend is a top priority for many New Yorkers, which is why Long Island and New Jersey beaches are packed from late May to early September. If…
There’s a reason the entire cast of “Friends” lived in the same apartment building for 10 years: It’s a hassle to move in the city. Between boxing up your entire life, carrying it down the narrow stairs of a walk-up, and navigating a moving truck through the narrow streets of Brooklyn, you might be tempted to stay put for…
You only have to visit the Big Apple once to understand why New Yorkers believe it’s the greatest city in the world. Here’s the real scoop on New York, and that elite breed, the New Yorker. We Won’t Help. Also, We’re Mean. Walk down any crowded street in the five boroughs and chances are you’ll see lots of busy-looking people…



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