Beat the Heat in NYC


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New York City might be north of the Mason-Dixon Line, but as any Gothamite can tell you, the summers are plenty hot and humid. Escaping town on a hot summer weekend is a top priority for many New Yorkers, which is why Long Island and New Jersey beaches are packed from late May to early September. If you don’t have the time or the funds to escape the city – or you’re visiting from out of town and are astonished at the temperature and humidity – here’s how you can beat the heat in NYC.

Avoid the Subway

Heading underground might seem like a surefire way to beat the heat if you’re a tourist, but as any native New Yorker will tell you, underground subway tunnels are unbearably hot and smelly in the summer. Grab a cab or hop on the bus instead, where you can relax in air-conditioned comfort. Another bonus: You’re more likely to avoid manspreading, the space-hogging and unsightly practice of spreading one’s knees far apart while sitting in a tight space.

Appreciate the Arts

New York empties out on the weekends as many natives take respite in the Hamptons or down the shore. Although it’s true that tourists fill the streets, summer can be a great time to check out exhibits at your favorite museums. They’ll be air conditioned and less likely to be crowded. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a perennial favorite for adults, and the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium is a favorite for kids. You can also explore the New Museum, the Guggenheim, the Whitney and myriad smaller but no less prestigious spots.

Go Ice Skating

Skating? In summer? Of course! Chelsea Piers at 23rd Street and the Hudson River offers year-round skating at the Sky Rink. You’ll enjoy incredible views of the river, plus gain access to a wide range of activities offered at Chelsea Pier. It’s reasonably priced, but mind the hours, as they are limited over the summer. If you want to skate from Friday through Monday, Sky Rink is your place.

NYC Beach Bus

It’s easy to forget that New York City is located right on the Atlantic Ocean. There are many beaches and parks to explore alongside the waters of Brooklyn and Queens, and the NYC Beach Bus is the way to get there. Check out the Rockaways, Fort Tilden and Jacob Riis for an in-the-city, but still beachy, vibe. Aching to get away? Go a little farther and explore the soft sands of Robert Moses and Fire Island. Fire Island is especially beautiful, and some of the small hamlets that dot the island feature markets and restaurants.

The Rooftop Bar Experience

Busy all day but ready to rock all night? There is no experience like enjoying an expertly made cocktail and a world-class view at a rooftop bar. The Gansevoort is a popular spot in the Meatpacking District, but there are dozens of others from which to choose. Just be aware that some only allow hotel guests to access the property. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch Manhattan’s lights twinkling as you quaff your favorite adult beverage and feel the cool breeze that chills you out.

Relax With a Drink

Would you rather avoid the crowds and relax on your own rooftop deck? Beverage Universe is ready to help. Beat the heat in NYC at home with your favorite beverage, whether that’s from our huge selection of spring, mineral and sparkling waters, or you’re ready to mix up a favorite cocktail. Stay cool with Beverage Universe!


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