How to Treat Yourself for a Day in NYC



Just wandering around New York City is a treat in and of itself. But if you have a day off in the city and want to pamper yourself, you need some inside tips. We’re not talking the standard stuff that thousands of tourists will be doing, but some of the coolest, hippest hidden spots that locals love. We know how we like to spend a day off in NY, so why don’t you join us? Here are our recommendations:

  • Have Breakfast at The Smith Restaurant: Set the mood for your day with the right ambiance and delicious food and drinks at The Smith Restaurant. There are four great locations, all with their own take on American Brasserie. And while they serve excellent food for every meal, they’re especially famous for their appetizing breakfasts. The hardest part will be choosing just one breakfast — so go ahead and enjoy two!
  • Visit the Morgan Library Museum: Part library, part museum, the Morgan Library Museum is sure to impress! Spend a part of your day visiting this NYC jewel. It combines classic architecture, beautiful artwork and sculptures, an amazing collection of rare books and even shows and concerts. Check their website for all the details, and make sure you plan enough time to see it all!
  • Stroll Through Eataly for Lunch: A few hours at the Morgan will have you hungry again, so head over to Eataly, simply the best place in NYC for fresh and authentic Italian food. Wandering around smelling, observing and tasting is a trip all its own, so make sure you bring your curiosity and your appetite. The warm, vibrant atmosphere and hustle and bustle is the best of NYC and Italy in one place!
  • Take an Afternoon Spa Break at Aire: What day off in NYC would be complete without a pampering spa experience? One of the best places to go is Aire Ancent Baths, a gorgeous Roman-style spa designed to take you away from the modern world and whisk you back to a different time. They’ll treat all of your senses and make sure that you’re relaxed, calm and de-stressed before you continue on your way.
  • Do Some Shopping in West Village: It wouldn’t be a pampering day if you didn’t buy yourself a little something! West Village, or “Little Bohemia,” mixes all the big name shops with smaller hidden shops and spots for local artists and craftspeople. As with many destinations in NYC, simply wandering through takes you out of your head and lets you truly enjoy a moment of leisure.

At the end of your day, there are countless restaurants, shows, clubs and bars to entertain you for hours. With a little bit of planning, it’s easy to spend a pampering day in NYC and come away full energized. The hardest part is fitting everything you want to do into one day! Of course, NYC has so many facets that you’ll want to come back again and again and discover more great ways to pamper yourself.

At Mitchell’sNY, we like to do our part in helping you relax by offering convenient, reliable delivery of things like newspapers, magazines, food and drinks. Give us a call and let us know how we can make your pampering day off in NYC even more relaxed for you!



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