FAQs for Hotel Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions for MNY Hotels

When calling in, please be sure to specifically ask for a Hotel Customer Care Representative. Our Hotel Customer Care Department is open from 6AM to 5PM Monday to Friday, 6AM to 10AM Saturday and 6AM to 11AM on Sunday. If you need to reach someone in Customer Care after hours, please email us at hotels@mitchellsNY.com

Newspaper delivery is completed by 6:30am everyday. Please call us or email us if you need your delivery earlier.

You have the ability to add multiple delivery locations (for various guests), add newspapers and magazines to your existing order or place a new order, review orders that were previously entered on the website, make a one-time payment on your account and submit an inquiry to a Mitchell’sNY Hotel Customer Care representative. If you have additional questions, please give us a call at 800-662-2275 or send us an email at hotels@mitchellsNY.com
Yes, you can place a new order or change an existing order that was previously placed on the website. You will be able to view your order under “View Recent Orders” on your dashboard. If an order needs to be modified, you can submit the change on the site as well or email Customer Care at hotels@mitchellsNY.com please reference your order details (hotel name, contact name, publications ordered and any changes needed) in your email. All orders and modified orders will be confirmed via email.
You can submit your request for a redelivery on your customer dashboard, call us at 800-662-2275 or email us at hotels@mitchellsNY.com A replacement copy will be sent out.

If for any reason we are experiencing major delays or a certain publication is not printing, you will be contacted via email or phone by 7:30am.

Please take a look at our newspaper and magazine catalogs on our website.  If you can’t find something you are looking for please send us an email at hotels@mitchellsNY.com and we will make all efforts to find what you are looking for. We love a good challenge!
Please add the publication you are interested in, into your shopping cart. Once you submit your shopping cart order, one of our Hotel Customer Care representatives will contact you. We never start an account or make a one-time delivery without following-up with you first. *Please note that if an order is placed after hours and needed immediately, we will send your order out and follow-up with you the next day.
Yes, please contact our Hotel Customer Care department at 800-662-2275 or email us at hotels@mitchellsNY.com we will gladly check on the availability and pricing.

We normally bill on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly schedule. Though, we can tailor our billing cycles to meet your needs. You can make a payment on our website with a credit card, mail in a check or by contacting our Hotel Customer Care Department. You should not pay the driver for your delivery.

Yes, you can pay a one-time bill online by logging into your hotel customer dashboard. We do not accept recurring payments online.

To update your credit card details, please contact our Hotel Customer Care department at 800-662-2275 or email us at hotelbilling@mitchellsNY.com
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