The information revolution brought about an enormous amount of change in social conduct. With access to seemingly endless streams of information online, consumer behavior shifted, and demands grew to become much more instant-access oriented. With these consumer and technology-driven marketplace changes, opportunities for online publishing became more and more appealing. Innovation in digital publishing promised less overhead and…
  Are you looking to move to New York and are curious about the best locations for luxury living? While we may not all have the budget for the “1%” lifestyle, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to take a peek at just how exceptional and luxurious living in NYC can be. Leafing through this glossy magazine is a…
  Everyone loves summer, but let’s face facts. With New York’s oppressive humidity and frequent heatwaves — not to mention the brutal conditions in Manhattan’s underground subway stations — staying cool is a top priority. Why not make hydration more interesting with a delicious summer-themed, non-alcoholic mocktail? Here are a few ideas! Blood Orange Basil Mocktail Make room for…


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