Why You Should Have Food Delivered for Your Next Holiday Party




Planning for a super New York party takes effort. But it’s all worth it when it goes off without a hitch, your guests are having a great time and you’re still partying as the sun comes up. With everything you have to take care of, like choosing the right location, putting together your guest list, finding the perfect decorations and pulling together an awesome outfit, why add to the stress by trying to cook and prepare your food and drinks? Leave that to the experts! At Mitchell’sNY, we have been delivering delicious food from iconic brands like Zabar’s, with their famous coffee, seafood, deli meats, fruit and cheese baskets and bagels and breads. We’ve thrown together a list of the top five reasons you should have food delivered at your next holiday party so you can focus on other things:

  • Quantity: Making food for a large group of hungry partygoers is a real chore. There are always last-minute preparations to take care of and you don’t want to be stuck preparing food when your guests start arriving. When we deliver your food, all you have to do is serve it! This is also perfect if you’re holding your party away from a kitchen and don’t have anywhere to prepare large amounts of food.
  • Quality: We’re not trying to question your culinary skills, but cooking for a bunch of people for a holiday party can test the skills of anyone! A moment of distraction while you’re getting ready for your party and your meals can burn, while adding a little too much salt can ruin an entire dish. Trust the experts, like Zabar’s, to prepare everything to perfection and our team here at Mitchell’sNY to deliver it on time!
  • Variety: Even if you have a great recipe or a favorite appetizer you’re famous for, when it comes to holiday parties, you need variety. It can be tricky trying to think of a variety of foods to prepare and serve, which is why choosing from a menu of food that can be delivered to your home, office or hotel room is perfect. Choose as many different types of food as you like to have something for everyone!
  • Practicality: You may plan a holiday party with as much care as possible, but there can always be unforeseen issues that pop up. If your plan involves preparing your food and drinks yourself, this can present a real problem. When your food is being delivered, it’s one less concern. Change of venue? More people than planned? Something you forgot? We will work with you to get what you need delivered.
  • Clean-up: No one wants to think of the end of the party, but when it does come, knowing that you don’t have to clean a lot of dishes from food preparation is a real plus. When you have your holiday food delivered, you can make quick work of cleaning up afterwards. It’s also easy to re-package any leftovers in their original wrappings so food doesn’t go to waste.

There you have it: five great reasons to strike “preparing food and drinks” off the to-do list of your next holiday party! Let our team at Mitchell’sNY and popular food store Zabar’s worry about the food, while you make sure everything else is perfect for your party.






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