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Custom Magazine Distribution

For custom magazine distribution and alternate delivery in New York City, there’s no need to look any further than MagsExpress! As a custom delivery and distribution solution tailored to your business’s budget, schedule and needs, they make distribution easier when delivering to retailers, hotels, terminals, businesses and more. Whether you’re an advertiser, mailer, catalog retailer, printer or periodical publisher, this delivery service can help you cut your costs, improve delivery time, expand your prospects, and find better solutions for trucking and warehousing your materials.

Say hello to simple with MagsExpress.

Alternative Delivery Solutions for Retailers, Advertisers, Publishers and More

If you’re looking for a lower-cost alternative to advertising and distribution services, let MagsExpress do the work for you with alternative delivery (AD). Compared to other delivery options for businesses, this company is more affordable, more personal, more customizable and much quicker. As an advertiser, publisher or retailer looking for simple solutions for your media copies and business-to-business delivery, you can count on their reliability, immediacy and customization.

With total market saturation and access to the nation’s best TMC and newspaper carriers, MagsExpress can reach almost 100 percent of commercial neighborhoods in Manhattan. Through its AD services, carriers deliver seven days a week, 365 days a year. Customize your day of the week, time of day and other delivery details, no matter what venue or business you’re distributing to! MagsExpress tailors its service to meet your needs.

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MagsExpress offers a full range of services to magazine publishers, printers, mailers and advertisers, including:

Printing Pickup

When you need warehousing and trucking assistance, MagsExpress offers pickup services from printers located anywhere between Montreal and Virginia. They'll pick up your materials, truck them back to their distribution center to be delivered or deliver them to your final destination. When you need packaging services with a pickup, they can help with that, too.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns:

As a retailer, delivering advertising materials and catalogs in public settings is a great way to catch customer attention and expand your business, but you might not be able to deliver at the perfect time or place to target sales. At MagsExpress, experts will help you sync your business and media delivery with sales, social media, events and marketing strategies, so you can target an expanding customer base at opportune times.


If you're looking for clever ways to prospect, this delivery service has the solutions. With their geo-targeting and targeted saturation, they can match your criteria to the right locations to align with your customer profiles in public settings — from retailers and terminals to hotels and media outlets. Let MagsExpress work for you.


When you want to target and attract customers in public places, MagsExpress offers hand-to-hand sampling in highly populated areas like subway stations, Grand Central Station, Rockefeller Plaza and other prominent locations. They'll customize the location, attire and script of their ambassadors based on your preferences.

Delivery and Distribution

For printers, mailers and magazine publishers, this company offers full-service pickup, trucking, warehousing and reliable delivery on behalf of yourself or your clients — and entirely customized to your needs. Choose your delivery days and frequency, time of delivery and commercial and public distribution. You can even coordinate easy ongoing or start-and-stop distribution options according to the time of year or special events. MagsExpress is all about personalizing their services to meet your needs.

Easy Delivery You Can Count On

For more than 70 years, MagsExpress has been reliably delivering and coordinating media copies and more in Manhattan’s commercial neighborhoods on behalf of their partners and clients — in fact, they distribute more than 100 million copies a year! Let MagsExpress lend your business their reliability, long-standing delivery relationships, and personalized professional service. Contact Mitchell’sNY to learn more about our proud partner today.

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