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Tips for Business Travelers in NYC

January 23, 2019 0 Comments

New York City welcomes all kinds of travelers every day. Millions of people from all over the world come to the city for vacations to enjoy the sights, shopping and unique cuisine. You might travel here if you have family in the area, but a big push that gets people to this urban hub is business travel.

If you work for a large corporation, you may be the one who visits its different offices. Or perhaps there’s a large convention or trade show your business wants a representative to attend. Whatever the reason, planning a business trip to the Big Apple can be a little bit overwhelming — especially if you aren’t familiar with the city.

Here are some tips for making your next business trip to NYC even better:

  • Know Your Travel Budget: Talk to your supervisor as far in advance as possible about your travel budget to see what you can spend on your accommodations, food and transportation. You don’t want to make all your plans only to learn you overspent on your hotel room and will have to pay for it out of pocket. Make sure you save receipts so you can be reimbursed, too.


  • Be Smart With Transportation: When you’re traveling within the city, it may be tempting to take a cab to most places. Taxis may seem like the easiest option, but they may make you late if you encounter traffic — and you probably will. Don’t be afraid of public transportation. The subway is inexpensive and may actually get you to your destination faster than taking a taxi.


  • Pick the Best Accommodations: If you’re attending a conference, it’s likely that they reserved a block of rooms in the same hotel for attendees. Even if there are less expensive accommodations somewhere else, it won’t be as convenient, and you’ll likely spend a pretty penny just traveling from the event space to your hotel room. Many hotels in NYC cater to business travelers. You can also consider alternative accommodations to save money, like booking an Airbnb.


  • Try Something New: One of the best parts of being in New York City is that you can do and see things that you can’t anywhere else. If you usually skip breakfast, stop by a local diner — there’s probably one not too far from you. You could also head to an art museum that has an exhibit of a style that you know nothing about. Your time off will help you relax and prepare for your next day of meetings, presentations and networking.


  • Take Time for Yourself: Even if you’re only in the city for a short time, be sure to take a break. Making the trip entirely about business will burn you out. If you love theater, make sure you see a Broadway show — or at least an off-Broadway production. If you’re a foodie, check out that hot new restaurant you’ve read so much about. Even if you don’t have a lot of free time, try to stop in the hotel’s gym for a quick workout or sit on a bench for a few minutes to people-watch, seeing what New Yorkers are up to.


  • Feel at Home: Mitchell’sNY can deliver dozens of magazines and newspapers…from around the world. Mitchell’sNY is a Long Island City-based company specializing in personalized service.  Whether traveling from Canada, Germany, France, or anywhere else, business men and women can get their local news delivered right to their hotel room! For updates about The Big Apple, travelers can enjoy flipping through the pages of The New York Times, The New Yorker and Time Out NY. To inquire about a publication, call 1-800-662-2275 or visit the website to view the international magazine or newspaper


9 Magazines That Will Strengthen Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

January 7, 2019 0 Comments

2018 has flown by, and the time has come again to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions.

It’s no secret that common resolutions like eating healthy, exercising or losing weight are easier said than done. What if we told you that Mitchell’sNY could help you stick to your resolution with our magazine delivery service?

Ring in your best life in 2019 by signing up for a monthly delivery of healthy lifestyle magazines that match your goals. In case you need some inspiration, we’ve created a list of nine healthy magazines that will help you commit to your New Year’s resolutions.

1. Health

Health is an all-inclusive fitness magazine for anyone and everyone. It’s the perfect complement for that New Year’s resolution centered on living a productive, healthy, active and engaged lifestyle.

2. Psychology Today

This is the preeminent magazine for everything mental-health related. Psychology Today illuminates trends, findings, studies and information that explain how we behave and think. It’s an ideal publication for resolutions focusing on improved mental health.

3. Eating Well

Eating healthy does not mean sacrificing taste! The editors of this magazine, provide good-for-you recipes that please the taste buds.

4. Runner’s World

Will 2019 be the year you decide to start a running routine? If yes, then Runner’s World will provide all the techniques, reviews, events, tips and motivation you’ll need to be successful.

5. Self

This one is for women who want to be their best self. Self showcases new makeup looks, workout ideas, healthy-eating tips, and other positively empowering trends.

6. Prevention Magazine

Touted as one of the leading health magazines in the world, Prevention not only focuses on nutrition but also workouts and advice, taking a holistic approach to health.

7. Women’s Health

This healthy lifestyle magazine is for all the strong women planning on committing to their health in 2019. Women’s Health magazine speaks directly to the practical, empowered and modern woman. It dives deep into the fitness trends, concerns and discoveries that impact today’s intelligent, independent and inspiring women.

8. Muscle & Fitness

This magazine is a powerful support tool for men aiming to build muscle and enhance their workouts. Muscle & Fitness includes expert bodybuilding advice, supplement reviews and dietary plan suggestions.

9. Better Homes & Gardens

Not only does this magazine provide satiating recipes, but also gardening tips. Read about how to hone your green thumb and grow hearty vegetables for your next tasty (and healthy) stew!

Ready to Kick Off Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions?

If you’re inspired to start 2019 strong with a magazine that will support your New Year’s resolution, Mitchell’sNY has good news! Our monthly delivery program offers all the above magazines — plus 10,000 more. Place your order today and get ready to crush those resolutions.

What Can You Have Delivered in NYC?

December 4, 2018 0 Comments

what can you have delivered

Some days, life is busy.

Despite our best intentions, time slips away from us, and we don’t have time to do all the shopping, cooking or cleaning that we planned. When you live in New York City, the problem is compounded — in a city that never sleeps, finding extra time is even more difficult.

Fortunately, more and more businesses are rolling out same-day delivery for an enormous range of products and services. From karaoke machines to puppies, New York City has a company that can bring you what you need — delivered straight to your door.

1. A Karaoke Machine

Are you hosting a party and want to have karaoke, but can’t justify owning the machine year-round?

A New York-based company, Karaoke Champ, is the solution you’ve been looking for. The same day you place your order, they will bring all the necessary equipment and deliver it directly to your door. Karaoke Champ delivers to all of New York City and also services surrounding areas for an extra travel fee.

Perfect for karaoke enthusiasts, Karaoke Champ allows you to enjoy karaoke in the comfort of your home. For your next party, splurge on a fun addition that is guaranteed to bring your friends out of their shells.

2. Foreign Newspapers and Magazines

Sometimes, your favorite magazine or go-to newspaper originates overseas. In many cities, getting your foreign publications delivered consistently and on-time can be a frustrating juggling act of international fees and shipping rates paired with local delivery services.

Fortunately, one New York company has made it easy to get your favorite overseas publications to your doorstep. Whether you have to fact-check an article and need a magazine within two hours or want to receive a foreign newspaper at the beginning of every week, Mitchell’sNY will bring them to your address.

3. A Basic White Tee

Everyone needs at least one basic white t-shirt in their rotation. They are the minimalist and understated staples of just about any wardrobe, the perfect option when you need a quick and chic outfit.

However, spills happen, even to the best of us. You might order one of your favorite meals to your apartment while you get ready to spend an evening with friends. Before you are planning to leave, some sauce splashes onto the shirt, leaving a bright orange stain.

basic white tee

Some businesses, such as Everlane, will deliver pieces of clothing to select New York zip codes. They will deliver a brand new white tee within an hour for a small additional fee — if you buy more than one item, they waive the fee.

4. Breakfast Makers

Anticipating breakfast cravings is hard.

You might go to bed thinking you’ll have some granola in the morning, but when you wake up, all you can think about is a stack of warm, crispy waffles smothered with fruit and whipped cream.

Ordering breakfast can become expensive very quickly — for most of us, it’s not practical to have breakfast delivered to our home every morning. Instead, order the equipment that will let you make your favorite morning meals whenever you’re craving it.

Have a Belgian waffle maker delivered to your doorstep and enjoy fresh, buttery waffles whenever the mood strikes. Or, if you prefer a heartier meal, order a dual breakfast sandwich maker — it cooks all elements of a delicious breakfast sandwich at once. These practical deliveries save you time, and they will ultimately save you the money you would have spent ordering restaurant-made breakfasts every morning.

5. Beverages

If you need quality liquor fast, you’re in luck — numerous delivery services can bring your favorite alcohols to your door, just in time for your dinner party or a casual night with friends. These also make the perfect gifts, and if you need it quickly, many companies offer same-day delivery.

Several businesses offer fast delivery for all of your go-to wines, beers and liquors. For several companies, ordering is as easy as downloading an app and selecting your alcohol and address. In our on-demand culture, liquor delivery is the latest in a nation-wide trend towards faster and more convenient shopping experiences.

If you want something other than alcohol, you can find all of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks available for delivery as well. From sparkling water to healthy probiotic drinks, services such as Beverage Universe let you enjoy an enormous range of beverages without leaving your apartment. They also make the perfect mixers for your mixed drinks!

While a culture of fast-delivery might change the way beverages are purchased, it doesn’t change the way that they are enjoyed — order a bottle for your next celebration and party in style.

6. The Spa

For the days where you need the luxury of a spa in the comfort of your home, consider booking a home appointment with a massage therapist.

Certified massage therapists will bring everything you need to detox and relax to your home. The pace of life in New York City moves fast, which often comes with constant stress. Over time, this pressure and stress can build into muscle tension and pain. A home visit from an expert massage therapist could be a remedy you’ve been looking for.

Some businesses offer spa services within an hour after you order, giving you fast relief. A delivered spa is also helpful for exercise enthusiasts — if you often come back from the gym with aching and sore muscles but don’t have time to stop by a spa, a home appointment will benefit both your health and your busy schedule.

7. Puppies

In the midst of the active and stressful New York pace, sometimes all you want is to cuddle a sweet and loving puppy.

Cuddle a puppy

Lucky for you, New York has several puppy delivery services to choose from. Uber recently launched a “puppy playtime” delivery, which brought cute pups and their handlers to your home for a fee. Other companies offer to provide plenty of dogs for you to throw a “puppy party” at whatever location you choose, although you need to order a few days in advance.

If you miss the love and affection of a pet but don’t have the time or space to have your own, ordering a few puppies for your next party is the perfect solution.

8. Christmas Trees

Few things are as frustrating as trying to transport a Christmas tree through the New York labyrinth.

Spruces and fir trees weren’t designed to be squeezed onto subways or wrestled on top of taxis. This holiday season, skip the stress and have your tree delivered straight to your door. Several New York City businesses have jumped on the delivery trend, and more companies than ever offer a headache-free Christmas tree shopping experience.

Some companies even provide complimentary delivery, installation and a tree stand with your order — Christmas tree shopping has never been this easy.

9. A New Car

Not many people enjoy the experience of shopping for a new car. Besides dealing with car salesmen and price negotiations, finding a new ride requires a significant time investment.

If you live in New York City, some companies have decided to change the car-shopping process. A few allow you to purchase a new car online, and once the order is complete, they deliver the vehicle to your location for free.

For those who aren’t interested in purchasing a new vehicle but love test driving a few, another NYC-based organization can help. If you are passionate about good cars and have some money to spend, you could get beautiful cars delivered to your address for you to test drive. From classic models to modern exotics, the Classic Car Club Manhattan allows you to experience the world’s best cars from the comfort of your neighborhood.

10. Cleaning Services

Keeping up with your apartment and laundry can be overwhelming, especially if you have a hectic schedule. Dishes begin to pile up in the sink, and clutter accumulates around your rooms. Laundry is just as difficult — you have to determine which pieces require dry cleaning and which don’t, and then you have to coordinate your schedule around trips to the cleaners. More often than not, laundry and clutter piles will lie in corners for weeks before we have time to deal with them.

cleaning service

Fortunately, New York City offers a wide range of cleaning businesses that can help. Whether you need someone to tidy your living room or wash and fold your laundry, you can find a cleaning service that comes to your home and help.

11. A Piano

A piano is a significant purchase, especially in New York — space is limited in most city locations, and pianos are known for their high prices. Notoriously heavy, pianos are also a pain to move, particularly up and down apartment stairs.

However, some businesses provide a way to play the piano of your dreams without worrying about apartment stairs. A few let you select the piano you want online, with both full purchase and monthly rental options. Once you’ve chosen the instrument, the business will deliver the piano to your door and will help you bring it into your home.

With store-to-door service, these companies let you enjoy the beauty and relaxation of playing an instrument without the stress of transporting it.

12. Moving Boxes

Often, moving is a time-consuming and stressful experience. Even if you’re just moving a few blocks, packing, transporting, unpacking and organizing all of your belongings takes an enormous amount of time and energy.

If you are in the middle of a move and realize you’re short on boxes or containers, you don’t have to rush to the store to find more. For New Yorkers, you can order moving boxes at the push of a button, and they will be delivered quickly to your door.

13. A Plant Wall

Maybe you’re throwing a friend’s birthday party at your apartment. It’s the day of the event, and you’re scrambling to make sure all the decorations look acceptable. But the space still seems a little empty — if only you were more of a green thumb!

Luckily, several businesses offer plant rentals. If you work with a plant rental company, you can choose whatever type and style of plants you need for your event or business, whether you want succulent arrangements, vibrant plant walls or an entire palm tree.

14. A Makeover Team

When most people think about a “makeover team,” they picture about celebrities getting ready for a gala. But a few businesses let you experience the glamor of stardom without the price tag.

make over team

With companies like the Glam App, you can schedule an at-home appointment to transform your hair, makeup or nails. The company allows you to book an appointment for a future date or choose the “immediately” option, which instantly dispatches a team of beauty artists to your address.

If you are looking for hair service, many salon-delivery companies offer a variety of styles, from the classic blow-dry to waves, curls, straightening and even braids and complicated updos. Makeup looks range from minimalist to full-face, and for those needing new nails, the artists can provide a chic manicure or a total polish change.

Whether you need a fresh look for an event or want to look your best for a party, these makeover teams deliver the salon to your doorstep.

15. A Blow-Up Mattress

Life is full of unexpected events. Whether it’s distant relatives popping by for a surprise visit or a friend who needs to crash on your floor, you might find yourself in need of some additional sleeping amenities.

Many companies are branching out into instant delivery. For example, Amazon is offering an Amazon Prime Now option that promises “ultrafast” order delivery. This means that you can get a blow-up mattress delivered to your apartment with a discrete press of a button, letting your guests sleep comfortably.

Sometimes, you could decide to spend a few nights at a friend’s house. When you need a change of scenery, have a blow-up mattress quickly delivered to you or your friend’s address and save yourself from sleeping on a couch.

Trust Mitchell’sNY for Your NYC Deliveries

When you are looking for fast delivery, you need a service that is reliable, knowledgeable and professional. At Mitchell’sNY, trustworthy and efficient delivery is our specialty.

Mitchell’sNY has served the New York City and tri-state area since 1946, and we know the region like the back of our hand. Using our decades of experience, we have built an unbeatable record of accurate, on-time delivery, and our reputation speaks for itself.

At Mitchell’sNY, we can deliver anything to any address. Along with residential addresses, we also deliver to businesses and hospitals. Our delivery fleet includes couriers, vans, trucks and refrigerated trucks, which allows us to bring any purchase straight to your door.

If you prefer to do your Christmas shopping online, we can make sure it gets to your address for the holidays. Even if it’s last-minute, Mitchell’sNY is here to help — we offer two-hour deliveries anywhere in the Manhattan area, so you can receive your package in time for Christmas morning.

Work with a partner you can trust — contact Mitchell’sNY today for all of your delivery needs.


Free Things to Do in NYC

October 24, 2018 0 Comments

New York City is a notoriously expensive place to visit and to live. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time in the Big Apple. From the many public parks to museums that offer specific times where they waive entry fees, there are lots of free things to do in New York City.

New York City has more than 1700 parks, most of which are public — meaning they’re always free to visit. Choose one, then have a picnic, take a walk or ride your bike on a sunny afternoon. Spending a day at the park is a great way to get away from the fast-paced streets of the city. Here are a few to check out:

  • Central Park: As New York City’s most famous green space, Central Park has many attractions and activities. You can attend free concerts in the summer, take a walk around the reservoir and play volleyball near Sheep Meadow.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park: Brooklyn Bridge Park is unique because it does not have the sprawling green spaces like other parks in the city. Instead, it celebrates its urban setting. When you visit this park, you’ll be able to enjoy the Brooklyn waterfront and see beautiful views of Manhattan.
  • Prospect Park: Like Central Park, Prospect Park is primarily made up of green space. However, unlike Central Park, you can walk through shaded wetlands, as well. Prospect Park also has a few sports facilities and an ice rink.

If you’re having a hard time finding attractions with free admission, there’s an alternative — many places and organizations offer tours for no charge. Check out some of these options for a zero-cost excursion:

  • Central Park Conservancy: The Central Park Conservancy is an organization that helps to maintain Central Park. If you don’t know what to see first in the massive green space, they can help you. They offer several different routes depending on the season, so there’s always something new to experience. You could tour the formal Conservatory Garden, the Bethesda Terrace and Harlem Meer, for example.
  • Grand Central Partnership: Grand Central Station is much more than a transportation hub. The station has a long history and many features that most people don’t know about. The Grand Central Partnership’s local urban historians will walk you through the landmark on a unique 90-minute adventure.
  • The High Line: Possibly one of New York City’s most unique places, The High Line is elevated above street level on an old rail line. You will learn about the history of the extraordinary park and see its exciting features on this hour-long tour.

Visiting New York City with a limited budget is easier than you might think. Yes, you could easily spend a lot of money and have a great time, but you don’t have to. There are so many free attractions that you certainly won’t run out of things to do — even if you do run out of cash.

Leave a comment below to share what your favorite zero-cost activities in NYC are!

The Best Gardens of New York City

September 15, 2018 0 Comments

You have to love the bustle of an urban area to live in New York City full-time. But, the constant movement can be exhausting, too. You may also become tired of seeing the same old landscape day after day — concrete sidewalks and buildings that all start to blend together after awhile. To relieve the sometimes bland atmosphere, New York City’s parks and gardens are an oasis for residents.

Here are our top picks for some of New York City’s best public gardens:

  • New York Botanical Garden: While strolling through the seasonally-changing gardens, you’ll see all types of colors and smell many different fragrances around you. Taking a walk through the garden, you can’t help but forget about any stress and worries. The New York Botanical Garden is not only a place to see beautiful flowers and plants — you can also attend special events like concerts, poetry readings, lectures and classes, or take tours. Get involved with the New York Botanical Garden’s community initiatives, like the Bronx Green-Up. It’s a great way to meet new people and give back to the community.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden: You’ll see all kinds of colorful flowers and other plants when you visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. What you see always depends on the season. The garden offers fun activities for kids and families, as well as some adults-only programs. It’s the perfect place to unwind and learn something new about horticulture.
  • New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden: Located on Staten Island’s Snug Harbor, the New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden will make you feel like you’ve been transported to Asia. The features of this landscape were inspired by paintings and poetry of Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian monks. There is a large pagoda-looking structure, a path through a bamboo forest and a koi pond.
  • Sixth Street and Avenue B Community Garden: This is a favorite spot in the East Village, located on the corner of Sixth Street and Avenue B. The community garden hosts special events, including concerts and literary readings. It’s the perfect location to enjoy other activities in a quiet, beautiful space.
  • Connie Gretz Secret GardenThis garden is located in the Staten Island Botanical Garden. Inspired by the classic children’s book The Secret Garden, you have to make your way through a maze to reach the destination. Once you solve the puzzle, you’ll find an enchanting little haven inside. There is a fairy-tale castle for kids to play, including a drawbridge and moat.

When you live in a large city like New York City, you should stop and appreciate any greenery you can find. Whether you’re spending the day at Central Park or admiring the Japanese lilac trees lining your street, it’s refreshing to see bits of nature to complement the urban landscape you experience daily.

In the comments, let us know how you add some nature to your day-to-day living in New York City, as well as which green spaces you love the most.

Guide to Trucking Perishable Goods

August 21, 2018 1 Comment

Guide to Trucking Perishable Goods

Whether you are shipping produce, floral arrangements or pharmaceuticals, maintaining a cold chain from production to delivery is essential. If the temperature is not adequately controlled at all stages of production, your perishable goods could spoil or even make your customers sick. But for a small company, delivering perishable goods safely can be an intimidating task. You want to make sure your products arrive fresh and safe for consumption, but you may not know much about logistics management or shipping regulations.

Depending on the size of your business and the goods you need to deliver, you may opt to ship your perishable goods in the mail or use a reefer truck for ground deliveries. No matter which method you choose, you must comply with federal regulations and maintain best practices for delivering perishable goods. Use this guide to perishable goods shipping to find the best delivery method for your business.

How Do I Ship Perishable Food and Goods?

For companies sending smaller deliveries directly to customers, shipping perishable goods in the mail may be the best option. Shipping cold or frozen products in the mail requires proper planning and care to make sure everything arrives safely to your customers. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to ship perishable goods.

How to Ship Perishable Goods

1. Know Your Products

Before you begin shipping goods, make sure you know the temperature at which you must keep each product, so it stays fresh. You should know the shelf life of each product to determine how quickly it will need to be shipped. These factors will help you decide which type of packaging is best for your products.

2. Choose a Container

A variety of shipping containers are available for shipping perishable goods. These special packages provide insulation to keep out heat. You can purchase styrofoam boxes with thicker or thinner walls to keep out more or less heat, and they’re generally the most effective at maintaining temperatures. Typically, Styrofoam boxes are shipped inside of cardboard boxes for better durability during transport.

You can also purchase Styrofoam sheets, insulated liners or insulated pads to place inside of a cardboard box. Sheets and pads are often more cost-efficient than Styrofoam boxes, as you can purchase them in bulk and cut them to the right size for each package. You can also wrap insulated liners around your product for extra protection.

3. Select a Cooling Agent

Once your product is packaged, you will need to add a cooling agent to keep your product cold during shipping. Ice packs are typically a good option for refrigerated goods, while dry ice is best for frozen products. Dry ice is considered a hazardous material, so you’ll need to clearly label any your packages containing dry ice and should check for additional requirements from your shipping provider.

When determining how much dry ice or how many ice packs to use, consider the size of the product, what temperature you need to maintain, how long it will be in transit and the climate of the area it’s shipping to. Shipping trucks can reach very high heats in the summer, so be sure to take this into account when adding your cooling agent.

4. Get It There Fast

Choose a shipping partner that can provide guaranteed shipping times, so you know your product will be delivered on time. You should also balance speed with cost, as overnight or one-day shipping can be very expensive. If you want to provide a reasonable shipping fee for your customers, choose the longest shipping time that will still keep your product fresh and safe.

Challenges of Shipping Perishable Goods in the Mail

The cost to ship frozen food can be expensive, as you will need to send it quickly and ensure that proper temperatures are maintained. Ice packs and dry ice also take up extra space, meaning you may need to use larger shipping containers, which can add additional cost.

Aim to use the smallest possible container for your product and choose the longest shipping time that will still keep your product safe. No matter what shipping method you select, make sure to have your shipping policies readily available on your company’s website so customers can understand the associated costs.

Perishable Goods Delivery With Reefer Trucks

Delivery With Reefer Trucks

When transporting large quantities of perishable goods, a reefer truck may be the best option. Reefer trucks have internal cooling systems that can maintain a specific temperature inside the trailer. These trucks can be set at a range of temperatures from freezing to room temperature.

Reefer trucks were invented in the 1930s as a solution to the problem of transporting cold and frozen goods safely. Manufacturers and producers wrestled with this question for decades, employing the first attempt at a cold shipment method on trains in the mid-19th century. Railroad companies filled train cars with large blocks of ice in an effort to keep products cold as they traveled across the country.

After the invention of automobiles, drivers carried this method over to trucks and also used insulation to keep out heat. Fans in the vehicles also helped to move cold air around the container. This method was not sufficient, however, because drivers would still have to stop periodically to refresh the ice.

In the 1930s, inventor Fred Jones created a portable cooling unit that relied on the truck’s motor for power, and drivers could add it to the outside of shipping containers. These first refrigerated trucks allowed critical perishable items — such as food, blood and medicine — to be shipped to soldiers during WWII.

Refrigeration technology for transporting goods has continued to develop, and reefer trucks are now available with a wide variety of capabilities. Modern refrigerated trucks are powered by diesel and can be adjusted to exact temperature specifications. For smaller shipping needs, refrigerated vans are also available.

In many reefer trucks, internal technology allows drivers to continuously monitor the temperature inside the truck to ensure products are stored properly during the entire shipping process. If temperature monitoring is not already built into a reefer truck, additional devices must be used for accurate temperature maintenance and recording.

When to Use a Cold or Frozen Truck

Using a reefer truck can be an affordable, efficient way to transport perishable goods. Reefer trucks are valued for their ability to control both temperature and humidity, making them perfect for ensuring freshness of a variety of products.

Frozen food shipping companies use reefer trucks to keep products frozen during transport, while fresh produce is shipped in refrigerated trucks so it does not spoil or become contaminated. While cold and frozen trucks are most often used in the food and beverage industry, they have many applications in other industries, as well.

Below are examples of perishable goods that many companies often transport using reefer trucks:

  • Frozen foods
  • Produce, dairy or meats
  • Cakes or baked goods
  • Vaccines and medications
  • Chemicals or engineered materials
  • Fine art or antiques that require humidity control
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Tobacco products
  • Floral arrangements

Benefits of Reefer Trucks for Perishable Goods Delivery

Benefits of Reefer Trucks

Reefer trucks offer many benefits for perishable goods delivery that are not available using traditional shipping methods. Below are a few reasons to use a cold or frozen truck for your perishable products:

  • Cost-Efficient: Reefer trucks allow you to ship more products at once while cutting back on packaging costs.
  • Great for Shorter Transports: You can complete local deliveries more quickly with a reefer truck than via mail, and your customers will be pleased with your fast delivery services.
  • Perfect for Large Shipments: Reefer trucks have the capacity for large shipments that would be costly to send via mail. If you have high-volume clients, they will appreciate receiving their deliveries quickly and at the same time rather than in several different packages.
  • Better Temperature Control: When using a reefer truck to deliver perishable goods, you can continuously monitor the temperature to ensure high-quality. When shipping products in the mail, you cannot control the temperature of the product once it leaves your business.

Perishable Goods Delivery Regulations

Depending on what type of perishable goods your company is transporting, there may be specific regulations that your logistics team must stay in compliance with to avoid liability. If you are carrying floral arrangements or other perishable products not meant for consumption, your primary concern will be maintaining quality rather than ensuring safety. If you are delivering food or pharmaceutical products, however, you must be aware of the applicable federal regulations.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2011 in an attempt to prevent food contamination that has become a growing problem in the U.S. As part of this regulation, the FDA specifies safe practices for transporting human and animal food. The rule on Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food sets guidelines for maintenance and design of transportation vehicles, transportation operations, training procedures and record-keeping.

All vehicles transporting human or animal food must be made of materials that are able to be adequately cleaned and sanitized, such as stainless steel. Refrigerated shipping vehicles must be able to maintain the appropriate temperatures for food transport and have functioning temperature controls. During transportation, reefer truck temperatures must be maintained and monitored. Companies must keep accurate records of food temperatures at each stage of shipping, including loading, transport and unloading. Then, they must fully disclose these records when requested and retain them for up to 12 months.

Below are some other best practices to keep in mind when shipping food or beverages in reefer trucks:

  • Always pre-cool the truck before loading the product.
  • Always pre-cool the product before loading it into the vehicle. Reefer trucks are designed to maintain temperatures, not to lower the product’s temperature. This is particularly important with produce that has a high rate of respiration.
  • Verify that the reefer truck is at the correct set point required for the product you’re shipping.
  • Set the temperature mode to continuous, so the reefer truck actively maintains the set temperature. A continuous setting will have a set defrost cycle, so ice and frost do not build up on the truck’s cooling mechanisms. If the truck will be making a lot of stops and the door will frequently be open, you may need to adjust the defrost cycle, so the vehicle defrosts more regularly.

When delivering pharmaceutical products, you must comply with the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulations. Pharmaceutical products must not be handled or stored in a way that could adversely affect their quality, including proper temperature and humidity control during processing and transport. FDA regulations also require accurate record-keeping throughout the transportation and distribution process.

Outsourcing Your Transportation for Perishable Goods

As your company grows, you may need to develop a more advanced cold chain system for delivering your perishable goods. You may have been able to rely on shipping products in the mail before, but as your capacity grows, you will need a more efficient and cost-effective delivery system.

Managing your own logistics system will mean hiring staff members and buying or renting reefer trucks. If you prefer to focus on creating your product rather than worrying about shipping, consider using a third-party logistics (3PL) partner to manage your perishable goods delivery. Outsourcing your perishable goods delivery system has many benefits that will save you time and money while allowing you to focus on what you do best — running your business.

Below are a few benefits of outsourcing your perishable goods transportation:

  •  Outsourcing Your TransportationLess Stress: Your 3PL partner will be knowledgeable about regulations and policies that affect perishable goods delivery. They will handle all the shipping paperwork, so you can be confident your goods arrive at their destinations safely and within regulations.
  • More Flexibility: Working with a 3PL company means you’ll have access to different sizes of trucks and shipping vehicles to tackle any job. Rather than sending a truck that is only half-full, your shipping partner can supply the right-sized vehicle for the job. An excellent 3PL partner will be able to adapt to your changing needs on a day-to-day basis.
  • Save Money: When your 3PL partner handles your shipping paperwork and transportation management, you do not have to hire your own staff for the job, saving you time and money. The 3PL market has grown in recent years, making it an accessible and affordable option for small and large companies alike.

Outsourcing your perishable goods transportation will allow you to focus on growing your business, rather than worrying about how your products will get to your customers. Save time, money and stress by outsourcing your perishable goods delivery.

Trust Mitchell’sNY Logistic for Your Perishable Goods Delivery

Mitchell’sNY Logistic is a 3PL company serving New York City and the tri-state area since 1946. With decades of experience behind us, we know the tri-state area better than anyone else and have an unbeatable record of on-time performance. Our local expertise means we can supply fast, accurate perishable goods delivery in Manhattan and beyond, with consistency you can trust. We even offer two-hour deliveries anywhere in Manhattan, so you can fulfill orders faster and keep your customers happy.

When you choose Mitchell’sNY Logistic for your refrigerated truck delivery service, our expert team will ensure your perishable goods always arrive at the proper temperature and ready for your customers to enjoy. We deliver to businesses, hospitals and residential addresses to meet all of your delivery needs. Whether you’re an individual seeking fresh grocery delivery or a hospital receiving pharmaceutical supplies, Mitchell’sNY Logistic can provide perishable goods delivery for you. Our reefer truck delivery offers temperature control up to 65°F, so you can ship anything from frozen fruit to fresh flowers.

When your business works around the clock, Mitchell’sNY Logistic can offer early morning, late evening and weekend deliveries. We’ll help you meet deadlines and impress your customers with prompt delivery of refrigerated or frozen goods anywhere on the east coast. Plus, our reefer trucks have GPS tracking, so you will know exactly when your products have arrived.

Rest easy when you partner with Mitchell’sNY Logistic as your perishable goods delivery partner. We pride ourselves in handling each delivery with special care and a personal touch you won’t find at a larger company. Our team wants to provide the best perishable goods delivery service to you, so you can offer the best products to your customers. To hear more about our frozen and refrigerated truck services, contact us today for rates and services.

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Fun Things to Do in Central Park

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Central Park is one of New York City’s most famous places. Whether you’re attending a special event or want a break from the busy streets, this green space is the perfect oasis within the city. The landmark is home to many special events throughout the year, like Shakespeare in the Park and free concerts by the New York Philharmonic.

There are tons of different things you can do in Central Park every day, including:

  • Central Park Zoo: Escape the concrete jungle to experience some real wilderness and other habitats. While visiting, you’ll see penguins, snow leopard, monkeys, sea lions and many other animals. The Central Park Zoo is a fun place to bring the whole family — the destination also offers special programs for children of all ages and even adults.
  • Belvedere Castle: This structure was initially designed with no purpose but to be a unique building for visitors to enjoy views of the park. However, in 1919, the National Weather Service began using Belvedere Castle to collect data. Today, the building is home to several scientific artifacts and tools. It is currently closed for renovations but will reopen in 2019.
  • Central Park Conservatory Garden: The Conservatory Garden is a six-acre formal garden divided into three separate areas: English, French and Italian. Walking through these unique landscapes, you’ll see flowers, trees, shrubs and lots of other plants. The Conservatory Garden is a quiet zone within Central Park, making it the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a lovely walk.
  • Strawberry Fields: Strawberry Fields is a 2.5-acre section of Central Park that pays tribute to John Lennon, a member of the Beatles. The location for Strawberry Fields was chosen because it was Lennon’s and his wife Yoko Ono’s favorite place in the park. The Imagine Mosaic, a black and white design to remind visitors of the themes of Lennon’s iconic song “Imagine,” lies at the center of the area. Adjacent to Strawberry Fields is the Dakota Building, where Lennon and Ono once lived together.
  • North Meadow Butterfly Gardens: While you stroll through the North Meadow Butterfly Garden, you’ll see many different species of butterflies and the plants that help sustain their populations in the city. You’ll probably see a Monarch butterfly during your visit — the gardens act as a resting place while they migrate to and from Mexico. This spot is fun for people of all ages to visit.

Central Park is one of the largest green spaces in the New York City area. With more than 800 acres and lots of things to do and see, you’ll have to visit more than once to take everything in. Going to Central Park is a great way to relieve some stress and escape the constant movement of the city. Urban life is always exciting, but it can be stressful. Doing any activity at the park is just what you need to relax.

Classic New York City Restaurants

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Classic New York City Restaurants

When you live in a metropolis like New York City, one thing you probably never complain about is the food. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can find it close by. Whether you’re craving a Cubano or a great steak, a homey diner or a swanky place that only follows the latest culinary trends, you can find it all in the Big Apple.

Many of these restaurants have been open for more than 100 years. Here are a few classic spots we believe are some of the best places to eat in New York City:

  • Delmonico’s Bar & Grill: This eatery claims to be “America’s First Restaurant.” Whether it was first or not, it has some of the best steaks in the city. It’s credited with creating the Delmonico-style steak and also claims to have invented the baked Alaska dessert.
  • Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza: Whether you’re a native or a tourist, you have to enjoy New York-style pizza while you’re in the city. Lombardi’s Coal Oven Pizza was the first pizzeria in the city — and possibly in the entire country.
  • Zabar’s: This spot in the Upper West Side is both a market and eatery. Browse through their large selection of cheeses, baked goods and bread, seafood and deli meats. Once your mouth is watering enough — it probably won’t be long — you can sit down and grab a bite. They have all the classics of a Jewish deli, along with fluffy pastries and other sweets.
  • The Monkey Bar: This restaurant opened around the time of Prohibition. Today, you’ll dine on tasty entrees and desserts paired with a great wine or cocktail. The Monkey Bar is unique and known for its creative murals from Ed Sorel, which depict icons of the Jazz Age.
  • Great N.Y. Noodletown: The youngest restaurant on the list, Great N.Y. Noodletown opened in 1981 and is now one of the most popular restaurants in Chinatown. You’re sure to love whatever authentic Chinese cuisine that you order here. It’s a favorite among NYC residents because of its price and hours. It’s inexpensive —yet unwaveringly delicious — and open from 9 a.m. to 4 a.m., so if you’re craving Chinese in the middle of the night, you can still get it.
  • Barbetta: This Hell’s Kitchen Italian restaurant has been owned and operated by the same family since 1906. The fantastic food is one thing that draws you in, but the seating options are another. They have a beautiful garden in the back that lets patrons enjoy a relaxing al fresco dining experience during the warm months. They also claim to be the first New York restaurant to serve several dishes, like tiramisu and risotto.

These established restaurants offer a variety of options, from higher-end dining to more casual, inexpensive choices. Let us know if you’ve visited these eateries — or if you have any additional suggestions — in the comments below!


Outsourcing Transportation Management

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Outsourcing Transportation Management
You make the best cupcakes in all of the United States. People line up for hours at your store to purchase one of them. Demand is so strong that you’re thinking about opening a second or maybe even a third store in the city. The quality of your cupcakes has gone viral online, so you’re exploring ideas about going national or even international via the Internet.

You see a glowing opportunity right in front of your face to expand your business and your profits.

Only one problem.

You’re a baker, not a shipping executive. You know a very great deal about how to make cupcakes that drive people crazy. But you know next to nothing about how to get those cupcakes to other stores in your city or, let alone around the nation or world. You can hire someone who understands supply chain management, but you don’t have the time to find the right person, and you’re worried about the cost.

So what do you do?

Why It’s Time to Outsource Your Business Transportation Management

At this point in your business plan, it’s probably time for you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing transportation. If you hope to expand and meet your goals, knowing about your options is the best first step. There are so many benefits to outsourcing your transportation management. Once you opt in, you’ll be able to:

  • Focus on what you do best: Whether it’s making cupcakes as in the above example or crafting engine parts, chocolate, floral arrangements or any other goods, you want to spend your time improving your product and making more of it — not figuring out how to ship it.
  • Save money: Outsourcing your transportation management also allows you to achieve another important goal — saving money. When you work with a trusted third-party logistics (3PL) partner who can handle all your shipping needs, you don’t have to worry about hiring a new employee to do it. And with the cost-saving technologies employed by most 3PLs, your cupcakes will get to where they need to be on time and in great shape, which means no lost goods that you have to remake without compensation.
  • Stay flexible: When you’re in business, every day is different. Some days, people want more of your product. Some days, they want less. Third-party logistics providers can provide you with the flexibility you need. They can quickly adapt to that day’s schedule. You have a huge order, they send a big truck. You have a small order, they send a small truck. If you try to do all this on your own, you’ll probably have only one truck, meaning you could wind up wasting shipping space. That costs you money.

3rd Party Logistics

By now you may be thinking, “Okay, I see the benefits of outsourcing transportation management. But what if I made more than cupcakes? How do we determine what needs to be outsourced?”

Actually, that’s easy to determine. If you’re spending a lot of time and energy — and too much money — on something that’s not what your business is all about (i.e., making cupcakes or wedding cakes, etc.) you need to seriously consider outsourcing transportation management.

What Is a Core Competency?

Surprisingly, not everybody knows exactly what their business is all about. It’s only been since about 1990 that the issue of core competency has really taken hold of the business world. Before that, people could dabble in a lot of different areas and get by. But in a 21st-century world, where more people are looking for specific items of good quality, generalists just don’t seem to be doing as well as they did in the past. The world changes, and if we want our businesses to succeed, we must change with it.

So how do you determine your core competencies? Consider the following criteria:

  • It is a process that makes a difference to the quality of the end product.
  • It’s something you do that provides you with ideas for new products and services.
  • It’s a product that’s very difficult for competitors to easily duplicate. It’s unique, and that’s one of the things your customers love the most about it.

To go back to our above example, if you make cupcakes that your competitors can’t duplicate, that’s a core competency, as are all the processes that go into making that cupcake. This work is where you want to spend your time and energy — making better cupcakes and thinking about improvements to what is already a unique product.

On the other hand, transportation management systems are, therefore, not one of your core competencies. But think of it this way: When it comes to the time and energy you put into your core competencies, 3PLs are doing the same thing with their business. They’re always looking for better, smarter and more cost-effective ways to ship your products to both traditional and new markets.

You focus on what you do best, they focus on what they do best, and you end up with a logistics supply chain that helps you grow your business in new and dynamic ways.

Why Third-Party Lostistics Is Such a Good Idea

Technology has grown and become an important part of any business’s everyday operations, and 3PLs are one of the best examples of this trend. Supply chain logistics has, in a very real sense, democratized the transportation industry. It’s now much easier for smaller companies to effectively partner with a 3PL company, and the 3PL companies themselves use technology to improve their service. This strategy enables them to deliver a service far superior and at a far better cost than what was achievable in the past.

democratized the transportation industry

This pairing is especially important for smaller companies looking at expansion. Because of the way social media works, a cupcake business in New York City can earn a global or national reputation with just a few clicks. If the company wants to take advantage of new markets, it can do so quickly and efficiently by partnering with a business that specializes in outsourced transportation management logistics. You make it, they ship it, and suddenly you have new, satisfied customers in Seattle or Bangkok or Toronto raving about your cupcakes.

Here are some other benefits of third-party logistics providers. You’ll be able to:

  • Save money: We mentioned this above, and for good reason. It’s probably one of the most important reasons you use outsourced transportation. Transportation management companies offer real discounts, because transportation logistics is all they do. When you have a lot of business from a lot of people, you can provide them all a better cost.
  • Avoid liability: Nobody likes to think about liability or insurance. But transportation management companies do. It’s one of their core competencies. They know the DOT rules and regulations that need to be followed because they have people who focus on this area. They spend the time making sure your shipments follow the letter of the law, so you can concentrate on making better cupcakes instead of wondering if your shipments are going where they need to be.
  • Have fewer bodies: There’s so much paperwork that goes along with shipping: invoices, bill payments, government forms, international border issues if you ship globally, calculating the most cost-effective rate to ship your products. You don’t need the hassle or all that stuff. Knowing when you work with a transportation management company that they have the staff and knowledge to handle all this complicated paperwork illustrates a real advantage of 3PL transportation.
  • Benefit from versatility: The more the merrier. 3PLs can work with many individual carriers and companies. When you call them and tell them you have a shipment of such and such a size, to go to such and such a place, they will know exactly who to select to give you the best value and get your products to market on time. The right size truck, at the right time, at the right price. This versatility is one of the most popular benefits of outsourcing transportation.
  • Customize to order sizes: Size matters. Businesses that operate their own trucks always face the question of “Should I sent this truck that’s only half full because I need to get these cupcakes across town by nine?” When you work with the 3PL company, they or the companies they work with will find you the right size truck so that you never have to ask yourself these questions again.
  • Maintain scalability: Most 3PLs have their own warehouse facilities, which means you won’t need one. When your demand goes up or down, it’ll be easy for the 3PL to adjust the warehousing space you need.
  • Hold onto peace of mind: Okay, you want to focus on making better cupcakes. But transportation companies realize you also want to make sure your products are getting where they need to be on time. Quality 3PL’s offer their customers tracking systems to follow products, and they can also send you real-time email notifications that the product has been delivered. You’ll be able to enjoy a level of visibility that lets you know things are working as they should.

Quality Versus Cost

Cost is always important to every individual or company that works with a 3PL on outsourced transportation management logistics. Most customers are the happiest when they can achieve better visibility and better services for the same cost. Strangely enough, however, the cost is not the most important factor. According to a survey done by Inbound Logistics, 80 percent of those who took part said what mattered to them the most is quality. Only 20 percent stated cost.

According to the survey

Looked at the situation realistically, the cost is always crucial. Yet the quality factor plays a huge role when you decide the transportation management company you want to work with. While bigger businesses often work with more than one 3PL transportation management company at a time, smaller companies typically just partner with one. That partnership means if you run a smaller business, you need to vet a company and make sure they’re going to maintain quality at an acceptable price.

So what should you look for in a transportation management 3PL? Take the following steps in your search:

  • Locate a company with team members who care as much about their business as you do about yours. That says a lot about the service they’ll provide to you.
  • Ask them for references. Who have they worked with in the past? Are the former customers happy with the service they received?
  • Inquire about what kind of tracking systems the company uses. How visible will your shipments be to you?
  • Find out about their investments in technology. Is this a company that’s looking at where the transportation management field is headed in the future?
  • Learn about whether they’re financially stable. How long have they been making deliveries? Do they have a track record of surviving the ups and downs of the economy?
  • If it’s an older, more established company that you’re looking into, determine whether they’ve adapted to the times.
  • See if they can handle your global or national market plans. Do they understand issues like currency variations, state shipping regulations, foreign regulations and the best way to ship things through customs?

Take your time. Make a good choice. You won’t regret it. You’ll find the quality you desire and, most likely, the cost savings you were hoping for.

Mitchell’sNY Offers Quality at the Cost You Desire

If you’re looking for a 3PL refrigerated truck shipping company to move your produce or perishable goods anywhere in New York City or tri-state area, talk to us at Mitchell’sNY Logistics. Mitchell’sNY has been operating in New York City since 1946. We know the city and the tri-state area like the back of our hand, and we offer people a personal touch that you can’t find in larger 3PLs. We also have a record of on-time delivery that’s second to none.

We offer all manner of delivery services, from couriered messages to a white glove delivery service for those very special deliveries. But one of our real strengths is our temperature-controlled shipping operations. If you have perishable items that need to be moved across the city, anywhere in the tri-state region or even to another part of the country, we’ll give your goods the special attention they need at the proper temperature to make sure they arrive at their destination ready for customers to buy.

No matter what perishable good you need to transport, Mitchell’sNY will provide you with the best service and care. We’ll deliver your item — whether it’s milk, cheese, fresh vegetables or even biological tissue — on time and in great shape. If your order needs to go anywhere in Manhattan, we can give you refrigerated truck delivery within two hours.

We know how important your business is to you. We understand that when you’re looking at refrigerated shipping companies, you want to work with a company that cares as much about your product as you do. If you want to know more about how we can help you, or if you’re looking for up-to-the-minute information about our rates, you can contact our experienced and logistics team today. We look forward to working with you!
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Famous Spots in NYC from Seinfeld & Friends

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Even if you’re too young to remember when “Seinfeld” made its television debut in 1989, you’re probably still familiar with the iconic show, thanks to syndication. Often referred to as a show about nothing, “Seinfeld” has entertained generations of viewers with episodes that famously focus on the little things in life.

Although the last episode of “Seinfeld” aired in 1998, the show is still widely viewed as one of the best ever to air on TV. “Entertainment Weekly,” “Rolling Stone” and “TV Guide” each rank “Seinfeld” as one of the best shows of all time. Several years ago, the Writers Guild of America named the sitcom the second best-written television show of all time, second only to “The Sopranos.”

Locations Forever Affiliated with Seinfeld & Friends

Whether they appeared in one unforgettable episode or they were places where Jerry and his friends met regularly throughout the entire show, certain locations in New York City will forever be affiliated with “Seinfeld” in the minds of many viewers. Here are some of the locations that are synonymous with one of the most enduring shows ever to appear on television:

  • West 56th near 8th Avenue: This location is where the infamous “Soup Nazi” had his stall in one of the funniest “Seinfeld” episodes ever made. The Soup Nazi, who said, “No soup for you!” as he banned characters from enjoying his scrumptious soup throughout a “Seinfeld” episode, is based on the self-described “Original SoupMan,” Al Yeganeh. Yeganeh wasn’t a fan of the character and subsequently banned Jerry Seinfeld from his real-life soup stall after the show featuring the Soup Nazi in action aired in November 1995.
  • Monk’s Coffee Shop: Located at 2880 Broadway at 112th Street, the exterior of Monk’s Restaurant is familiar to every “Seinfeld” fan as the coffee shop where Seinfeld and his friends met regularly. In the show, the coffee shop is the only location in town were Jerry’s fictional ex-girlfriend, Elaine, can order her big salad.
  • Yankee Stadium: Iconic in its own right, the old Yankee Stadium is where the often-unemployed character George Costanza finally lands his dream job with the New York Yankees. With real-life Larry David sometimes doing hilarious voice-overs of then-Yankee-owner George Steinbrenner, episodes that include shots of Costanza working at Yankee Stadium are among the show’s most amusing.
  • 129 W. 82st Street: This address is where the fictional Jerry Seinfeld lived. It’s also where the actual Jerry Seinfeld lived before he hit it big on the small screen. Many “Seinfeld” episodes include shots of Jerry’s apartment, making it one of the most recognizable “Seinfeld” locations.

If you live near a location in NYC that “Seinfeld” forever popularized, Mitchell’sNY can deliver newspapers, magazines, pastries and beverages right to your doorstep. To schedule a delivery, contact Mitchell’sNY today.