Where to Find French Newspapers in NYC


Whether you’re from France or another French-speaking country and are visiting the city or want to improve your speaking skills, you may be wondering where to find a French newspaper or magazine in New York City.

Local newspapers are much easier to find and cost less than other papers. However, international publications usually cover different topics and write with a different perspective. Reading other press helps you learn about world events and hear points of view you might not know about otherwise.

Several NYC shops sell French newspapers and magazines — as well as other publications from foreign countries — such as the following:

  • Magazine Cafe: Located in Midtown on West 37th Street, this cafe offers more than 100 French newspapers and magazines. It’s the perfect place in the city to get some espresso and leisurely peruse the publications — you’ll feel like you’re visiting a news cafe in Paris. The shop sells both weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines in a wide variety of topics. You can read about business, sports, current events, fashion and more.
  • SoHo News International: Unlike Magazine Cafe, this newsagent doesn’t specialize only in French publications. However, it sells some French newspapers at a lower cost than other spots in the city. If you’re able to stop in here, you could save some money. They sell weekly editions of certain French newspapers, like Le Monde and Charlie Hebdo, and are located on the corner of Sullivan Street and Prince Street.
  • Casa Magazines: The walls of Casa Magazines are lined with magazines and newspapers, including plenty of French publications. It may take a little bit of searching, but once you find them, it will be well worth it. They also sell weekly periodicals along with their selection of magazines. Casa Magazines is located on 8th Avenue.
  • French Institute Alliance Francaise: This organization offers many French magazines and newspapers at their Haskell Library, but you must be a member of the organization to access them. However, the annual fee is just $99 — or only $35 if you’re 25 or younger. When you become a member, you have unlimited access to these publications and their other events.
  • Mitchell’sNY Newspaper Subscriptions: The easiest way to regularly get French newspapers and magazines is to have them delivered right to your home. With Mitchell’sNY newspaper delivery service, we bring the publications of your choice to your doorstep. If you don’t live near any stores that sell your favorite magazine or newspaper, you don’t have to travel across the city to get your news. We offer a wide selection of French publications, as well as periodicals from many other countries. Request a quote today to see what your subscription would cost.

French newspapers and magazines — as well as other international publications — are easier to find in New York City than you might think. You have several options for finding the news you want to read, including the shops we listed above.


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