Why New Yorkers Have Everything Delivered

New York is known for four-flight walkups, crowded sidewalks and 80-hour work weeks. New York might be a city of walkers, but when it comes to convenience, we’re all about delivery. Here’s why real New Yorkers have everything delivered — and why you should, too.

Solve the Pains of Grocery Shopping

It doesn’t matter if you’re next door or a neighborhood away from Eleni’s or Zabar’s — after all, who can resist Eleni’s incredible Halloween-themed baked goods or a bagels-and-Nova combo from Zabar’s? But nobody wants to carry artisanal olive oil or your favorite hard-to-find birthday cake up a narrow stairwell. Avoid impulse shopping at Zabar’s and get home delivery instead — even if you’re nowhere near the UWS or Chelsea Market.

Enjoy Your Morning Read Without Fetching the Paper

Who wants to carry the Sunday Times home after a fun night out? Nobody. Have your favorite newspapers and periodicals delivered right to your door, so you don’t have to leave your apartment in the morning to hit a newspaper stand. With smoked fish and fresh bagels from Zabar’s and a nice cup of coffee, you’ve planned the perfect relaxing day.

Don’t Get More Thirsty Carrying Drinks Up the Stairs

If you live in the suburbs and drive a car, you probably take bringing home a case of water for granted. When you live in the greatest city in the world, all it takes is one trip to the grocery store to realize you have to plan purchases carefully. You can even order alcohol for home delivery if you have legit ID to back it up. And if you have room to store extra beverages, get them delivered from Beverage Universe instead.

Experience the Best New Takeout Options

You already know that New York has unbelievable takeout options, but with courier service, the whole city is at your door. New York magazine sampled the latest and greatest. Try the shepherd’s pie from Tea & Sympathy, or matzo ball soup from Bubby’s. In Brooklyn, try Bogota Latin Bistro (Park Slope) and Taqueria El Paisa (Bushwick).

Want seafood? Check out Rockaway Seafood Company and order the steamed lobster. If your mouth is drooling, courier service can get this hip takeout to you fast.

Get Anything You Need, All the Time

Courier services are so much more than food, drinks and newspapers. This business is growing fast because people don’t have the time or the ability to transport what they need when they need it. From sporting goods to home goods, courier services can make your life a whole lot easier.

Don’t let distance and a broken elevator keep you down. Hire a courier instead!


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