Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Totally New York

You could go to this year’s Halloween party as a zombie or a hippie, but isn’t that a little overdone? Here are this year’s hottest Halloween costume ideas with distinct New York attitude.

The Donald

With the world’s most enduring haircut and ties as bright as the sun, Donald Trump is destined to be THE hot costume this year — whether you follow his political campaign or just want to make fun of his attire. Grab a wig, a dark suit and a bright yellow tie — and maybe a little bronzer. Practice saying things like “It’s going to be HUUUUUUUGE” and “I’m going to make GREAT DEALS!” Talk loudly and with your hands at the same time, and make the duck face your new go-to expression. Giving out candy? Make it 100 GRAND chocolate bars, of course.

The Hipster

The hipster look has become so mainstream that real hipsters don’t look like hipsters anymore. You can ride the last gasp of this fashion wave by growing a scruffy beard and heading to your local thrift shop to find some anti- cool clothes. Start with a flannel shirt and a wool cardigan. Don’t act friendly or as if you’re having a good time — the more bored you appear, the better. Have long hair? Break out the man bun and watch the girls swoon. Only drink craft beers that are impossible to find.

The Midtown-Inspired Costume

Times Square? Yuck. Rock Center? So crowded. But on Halloween, isn’t it fun to add a little irony to your life? Break out your best boots and hat and rock the Naked Cowboy look, or glam it up and go as a Rockette. These costumes will include tons of effort, but the best parts are that everyone will know what you’re dressed as. Finding props is easy, and you’ll have your fill of the streets between 50th and 42nd for the rest of the year!

The Fashionista

Love fashion? Bring back this twice-annual ritual and dress as a fun-loving fashionista. Don big glasses and go as Karl Lagerfeld or Anna Wintour, or pile on every conceivable trend and play the “fashion victim.” There’s no need to spend a fortune on clothes, either. Shop your closet, or head to inexpensive retailers to find cheap jewelry, bags scarves and more. You already know fashion is all about the accessories, anyway.

Kids’ Costumes

Looking for fun ideas for kids that are uniquely New York? Try a Magnolia Bakery cupcake, or dress as the Freedom Tower or Statue of Liberty. Professional sports are always a great go-to, and items you purchase for these costumes can be worn year-round. Want to infuse a little dark humor in a kid-friendly way? You could also pile on some homemade cameras, a visor and a subway map and go as a tourist.

Happy Halloween!


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