Throwing the Perfect Party? Mitchell’s NY Is Your Go-To Partner!


It takes experience, creativity and desire to throw the perfect party that everyone in your circle will buzz about for months. Whether you’re holding an intimate soiree in your Manhattan penthouse or a celebratory extravaganza at your estate in the Hamptons, your success depends upon the planning that goes into your party.

Fantastic Beverages Are a Must

What’s the first thing a guest is offered after he or she arrives at a party? That’s right: a drink.  While spirited beverages will likely be on your menu, some partygoers do prefer non-alcoholic options. Stock up on a wide variety of choices such as sodas, lemonade, flavored waters, sparkling water, cider and juice.  Mitchell’s NY can deliver your selections right to your door so you can spend time focusing on other aspects of your party.

Hint: Use a non-alcoholic beverage like soda water as a base to create a light concoction when mixed with alcohol. Then, add a surprising ingredient, such as basil or peppermint. Come up with a unique name for it and call it the party’s signature drink. It’s a guaranteed conversation-starter.

Irresistible Foods Make Any Occasion Outstanding

No party would be complete without edibles that make even top-paid supermodels want to break their diets. Aside from the regular spread items, why not offer visitors trendy tapas? They’re easy to eat throughout a party, and they can come in almost endless varieties. Alternatively, you can have a cuisine theme for your party, such as sushi, Brazilian eats or European fare.

Background Entertainment Can Help Your Guests Mingle

While it isn’t essential that your party includes top live music acts, you do have to think about the entertainment you’re providing. For a summer party, a live string quartet or band on the patio adds a memorable touch.  It also gives partygoers something to discuss as an icebreaker.

Mix Up the List of Invitees

It’s human nature to invite the same people to every party, but it’s nice to spice up the festivities once and awhile by mixing up the guest list.  Consider extending an invitation to the couple who lives next door, or your company’s new vice president and her spouse.  Having different people will change the usual dynamics and breathe new life into your party.

As always, Mitchell’s NY is here to make sure your party is well-stocked with all the basics you need for an unforgettable evening.

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