Luxury Apartment Must-Haves

Have all those high-end HGTV remodels, Houzz images and House Beautiful photos finally made their way into your imagination? Is it time for a swanky condo renovation for your Manhattan penthouse? When you’re exploring all the luxury listings NYC has to offer, you might come across these upscale apartment must-haves:

  • A chef’s gourmet kitchen – There’s no doubt about it: Your kitchen is going to tell visitors a lot about you. So why not get completely classy with a chef’s gourmet kitchen that not only dazzles but is also destined to turn any meal into a memorable experience? From stainless steel appliances to exquisitely manufactured cabinetry, your chef’s studio will show every guest that your apartment is second-to-none!
  • A patio or balcony – Bringing the outdoors inside is all the rage right now. Not only does this add charm to any NYC penthouse, but it also adds an air of sophistication and peacefulness. Patio décor can be classic or modern, so work with a designer to create a natural oasis high above the busy streets of the city.
  • Pet furnishings – Do you have a pet that you love as much as your luxury apartment? Pamper your pooch or feline friend with furnishings that are designed specifically for a four-legged fashionista’s benefit. You may want to have a special cat tree designed to mimic the overall style of your room. Alternatively, forget about the dog beds of the past – today’s pampered pups sleep on beds made of natural, allergen-free materials.
  • Unique conversation niches – A popular trend in home decor involves turning large spaces into a variety of conversation nooks. These areas help break up expansive living areas into cozy places to read a book, rest after a busy day or enjoy a chat. Maximize the spaces by working with a designer who understands your preferred overall style and can snag furniture and accessories to fit your vision.
  • High-tech options – What about blinds that shut at the touch of a remote control butt, lights that can dim or change color with a swipe of your smart phone, or theatre rooms that provide sound unmatched by anything you’ll find at the theatre? These are just some of the high-tech options you can indulge in during your penthouse remodel. Even if the ambiance of your apartment is retro or vintage, you’ll find technology that fits your space!

So what do you want your luxury listing in NYC to be? The best aspect of this kind of renovation is that there’s no limit! Let your imagination guide you.


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