5 Reasons Why NYC Living Is the Greatest Thing Ever

Tourists love New York City for Broadway, the Empire State Building and Times Square. New York City residents love the boroughs for entirely different reasons — reasons you won’t possibly understand until you get here. There are a million reasons to live in NYC, but there are a few that all residents appreciate. Here’s why living in the Big Apple is the greatest thing ever.

  1. You Can Get Whatever You Want, All the Time

It’s 2am, you’ve been up late working, and you’re starving. Wouldn’t dim sum be perfect right now? If you’re a NYC resident, you can find your food of choice at 2am. Why? Because New Yorkers have choices all the time. And they don’t all cost a fortune, either. If you need something delivered, that’s easy, too. Companies with on-demand delivery services make NYC living a whole lot more convenient.

  1. Great Food Is Surprisingly Affordable

Can you go to Nobu and spend $500 on sushi? Of course you can. But you can also find incredibly delicious, affordable eats in every borough, and even on the street. From barbecue and crepes to burger joints such as Shake Shack, no other city can beat the depth and breadth of the affordably scrumptious food of New York.

  1. Our Neighborhoods Rule

The best thing about New York is the diversity of our neighborhoods. Each borough has about a million neighborhoods, and some are only a block or two wide. From the Bronx to Brooklyn, every neighborhood has a local hangout that residents love, whether it’s the small Italian place with the outdoor café tables or the awesome playgrounds. You’ll see some of same folks all the time, and chances are, they’ll be pretty friendly.

  1. New Yorkers Are Friendly

The image of the cold New Yorker couldn’t be further from the truth. Ask any native New Yorker for directions and they’ll gladly stop to give you a hand. They’ll also tell you where to sit on the subway to get the best exit advantage, how to effectively hail a cab and why the bus might just be your best bet.

  1. We’re United

New York City is unparalleled when it comes to the diverse cultures that call our city home. Drive through Brooklyn on a Saturday morning, and you’ll see residents from dozens of religions and countries living alongside one another, peacefully and productively. New York City sets the international standard for multiculturalism, and this multiculturalism makes our city a fascinating place to live.

Not everyone shares the same beliefs, but in New York, you don’t have to. With a breadth of cultures and hundreds of local attractions, NYC living is so much better than visiting.

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