5 Foods That New York Does Better Than Everyone Else

New York has a reputation for being the leader in many areas such as fashion, business and entertainment. In fact, it’s safe to say that NYC tops the charts for residents and tourists alike, especially when it comes to food. New York City food promises something for everyone. Even the pickiest eater can find a romantic dinner, munchie on the street, or a refreshing beverage dropped off right to your door via New York City delivery service! There are tons of foods that scream “New York,” but here are our top five.

Pastrami and Corned Beef

This deli sandwich has to be prepared with the best ingredients by chefs who take pride in crafting the perfect combination of cured meats. If you’ve been let down by other pastrami and corned beef concoctions, go where all the guidebooks send tourists: Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side. Katz’s has been around for more than 100 years, and there’s good reason for it. Regardless of what you get there, you’ll be in deli heaven.

General Tso’s Chicken and Other Chinese Dishes

Most people have never had true General Tso’s chicken. Around the United States, this is a staple dish on Chinese restaurant menus, but it’s subpar compared to what you get in any authentic Chinese eatery in NYC’s Chinatown. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new foods and indulge beyond General Tso’s — you’ll be surprised at how flavorful well-prepared Chinese food should be, as well as how many different textures and spices are in a true dish of General Tso’s chicken.


Every neighborhood in New York has its ultra-famous pizza parlor, and more are always popping up throughout the city. From wood-fired to coal-fired creations, these pizzas are the stuff dreams are made of. Basic toppings are all you need to enjoy a slice of these NYC pies. Bring several back to your apartment, and have a NYC courier drop off some refreshing beverages for a low-key party atmosphere.

Hot Dogs

What would NYC food be without a mention of hot dogs? Even if you thought you had seen and eaten every hot dog imaginable, you owe it to yourself to bite into one from the Big Apple. Street vendors sell their hot dogs along busy thoroughfares, so walk up to the cart and chow down. Sauerkraut or onions are optional!

Food From Tavern on the Green

Celebrating a special occasion? Tavern on the Green, Central Park’s quintessential restaurant, is a crowd pleaser. These aren’t cheap eats, but they’re ideal for memorable moments with family, friends and coworkers.

Of course, no matter what foods are your favorite, you’ll find it in New York City. You shouldn’t ever have to leave New York to get tasty cuisine!

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